Your Worth is Already Proven

So many of us measure our worth as individuals according
to external factors.

Against how ‘successful’ we judge ourselves to be compared to others.

Or how much we’ve achieved in our professional lives.

How many friends we have and how popular we are.

How much money we earn or believe we’re capable of making.

Some of us measure our worth against how other people treat us, including our husbands.

We believe, consciously or unconsciously, that if he treats us badly, or tells us we’re useless or incapable or not good enough, that it must be true.

And that we must deserve to be treated poorly.

Reflecting Back Our Own Beliefs

It reinforces false beliefs we already hold about ourselves and mirrors them back to us.

We tell ourselves that if our husbands would just treat us more respectfully, we would feel better about ourselves and our marriages.

That somehow this would ‘prove’ we are worth more.

But it’s a vicious cycle.

Because when we believe we’re not worthy, we give the other person permission to continue the ‘unworthy’ behaviour.

We tolerate behaviour we find intolerable.

Something Wrong with Me?

And we provide yet more evidence for our brains that there’s something wrong with us, we’re not good enough and that we somehow ‘deserve’ to be treated this way.

This ONE belief can keep women stuck in unhealthy marriages for years (or a lifetime.)

I know because it kept me stuck in mine for way too long.

And I witness it with my clients who struggle to leave dysfunctional relationships.

If this is you, here’s what I want you to know, without any doubt:

Your worth is already proven.

Your Worthiness is not up for Debate

Your worth and your value were decided on the day you were born.

Would you look at two newborn babies side-by-side in their cots, and judge one of them as less worthy than the other?

Of course you wouldn’t.

We are all born worthy.

We are no more worthy than the next person.

And neither are we less.

And yet, that is what we tell ourselves when we allow another person to dictate our level of self-worth.

The Only Person Who Can Provide It

Here’s what else:

No external person or circumstance can convince you of or prove your worth to you.

Not your husband.

Not any amount of money in the bank.

Not the size of your house or the car in your drive or your professional status.

Your worthiness is your job.

The only person who can give you your self-worth is YOU.

It is your birthright.

You must choose to believe in your own inherent worth (despite any messages to the contrary you received growing up.)

You must claim your own self-worth.

And you must own it.

You must refuse to let anyone, or anything, cause you to question your worth.

The Payoff

And when you do? It will change everything.

Decisions that feel impossible to make will suddenly become clearer.

The guilt and self-doubt about prioritising your own happiness that have plagued you will no longer dictate your choices.

You will have no hesitation in setting and upholding healthy boundaries for yourself in your relationships.

You will stop tolerating behaviour you find unacceptable.

You will start treating yourself as your own most precious resource.

Because you will understand, on a deep level, that you are worthy.

And that you deserve a happy, fulfilling, rich, love-filled life.

And that belief will become the guiding light that steers you towards creating your ‘right’ life.

And honestly.

It’s the only way to live.


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