The First Steps to Improving Your Marriage

In my work I talk a lot about women making empowered choices about the
future of their marriages, however that looks for them.

I defend any woman’s right to leave an unhappy marriage, as long as it’s done from a place of self-responsibility, and not from blame and victim mentality.

I come into contact with a lot of women who have been unhappy in their marriages for years.

Many of them have been unable to give themselves permission to leave because they are wracked with guilt, and believe such a choice would make them selfish and heartless.

These kinds of false beliefs can keep women stuck in dead marriages for years. My client Mrs. B.H. from Mississippi had been wanting to leave her marriage for seven years when she became my client.

The driving force behind my work is my passionate belief that real,
lasting happiness is only possible when you are living true to yourself.

And not apologising for doing so.

We all have the right to prioritise our own happiness during our one precious life.

Staying in your marriage for other people, including your kids, or out of fear, is the opposite of living true to yourself.

I know this. Because for many years, I was that woman.

However, not every woman is in this situation, thankfully.

Many women have simply become disenchanted and disconnected in their marriages.

They would love to get back to the happy, fulfilling relationships they once enjoyed with their husbands, if only they knew how.

They’re fed up with waiting for him to change.

And with walking on eggshells, waiting for the next trigger that is going to turn into an ugly conflict.

They want a different approach, one where they can focus on themselves, instead of their husbands.

Let’s face it. Relationships are bloody hard work!

Especially when you throw bringing up a family and juggling the myriad roles and challenges that daily life demands, into the mix.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for any couple able to sustain a long, happy marriage.

It’s no mean feat!

And I would encourage any woman who wants to find a way to make her marriage work to do so.

It gives me huge satisfaction when I am able to support women who simply need the right support, tools and perspectives to get their marriages back on track.

That is how my client Mrs. S.S. from London was feeling when she signed up for The Untethered Wife back in September, at the recommendation of a friend.

As soon as I began working with Sarah (not her real name), it became clear to me that she very much wanted her marriage to work.

She didn’t want to separate from her husband (even if at times it may have felt like that was the only answer!)

Sarah wanted to get back to enjoying the happy, fulfilling relationship she and her husband had once shared.

She wanted to feel connected to him again.

She wanted to find a way of handling their differences that was kind and compassionate to them both.

Here is what Sarah said after completing The Untethered Wife Programme:

“It’s Been Relationship Transforming”

“I’ve achieved a complete 180 degree shift in my relationship since working with Julie. Previously I’d been steeped in negativity towards my husband – now I’m feeling positive towards him and it’s been transformational. The programme was excellent value for money and extremely positive. Julie’s supportive, empathetic approach was spot on, with the right amount of written work, personalised coaching and easy to implement tools. I’m now more affectionate, compassionate and loving towards my husband. The amazing thing is it’s been so damn easy – and I’m receiving that behaviour back from him!! There’ll be ups and downs in the future I’m sure – but I really do feel I have the tools to navigate those now. If you’re feeling stuck in your marriage and are willing to do the work – I’d recommend The Untethered Wife in a heartbeat. My huge thanks Julie for helping me turn this around!”

The First Steps

The first and most important step to getting your marriage back on track is your desire and intention to do so.

That in itself is huge and not to be under-estimated.

The second step is deciding to take responsibility for your own happiness and being willing to look within and do your own ‘self’ work first.

This is the work we do in The Untethered Wife.

Please check it out and, if it feels right for you, I’d love for you to join us.

It would be a privilege to support you.

The Untethered Wife Group Programme – Registration Now Open

The Untethered Wife is an eight week immersion into you and your life.

First and foremost, it’s about your relationship with yourself.

It’s about you. For you.


Because transformation in your life and marriage starts with YOU.

The next round of this eight week experience starts Tuesday 6th February.

Find all the details here.

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