Self-Trust is the Key to Bridging that Gap

Like you, perhaps, I learned the hard way the cost of not trusting myself

I spent 20+ years feeling like a fraud in my life, marriage and corporate career.

Despite outwardly successful appearances, I felt trapped in a life I didn't love. I wasn't living true to myself or my values. Ideas and aspirations about reaching my true potential were not even on my radar.

I was barely surviving, let alone thriving.

I didn't value myself enough to believe I deserved more. And I didn't trust myself enough to know I could discover what 'more' even meant for me. I certainly didn't believe I could create it for myself.

In my corporate career, I stayed small, struggled to share my ideas and accomplishments, and never dared put my head above the parapet. I was hiding.

Everyone else seemed so accomplished, confident and together. I knew I was smart and capable, yet I constantly waited for the tap on the shoulder telling me I’d been found out.

I was the poster girl for Imposter Syndrome!

I stayed too many years in a life, marriage and career that no longer fitted me.

Any confidence I possessed was surface level, at best.

Can you relate?

Unbeknown to me, my brain was simply doing what it is wired to do. It was protecting me from the unconscious negative beliefs I held about myself ever being exposed. I was in pure self-protection mode.

I believed the biggest lie.. that I was the only one who felt this way!

I didn’t understand that self-doubt is a normal part of the human experience - and not the truth of who we are.

Back then, I didn’t know about belief systems, let alone what I believed about myself.

I was unaware that our beliefs are choices, not facts.

I was unaware that many of the core beliefs I unconsciously held about myself were not just faulty, but downright false. Yet those beliefs were creating the results in my life - unwanted results!  Like a computer who's software hadn't been updated in decades, I was operating from ancient, outdated programming.

Unsurprisingly, I did not thrive in my life, or reach anywhere near my potential in that career. Instead, I spent much of my time feeling worried, scared, anxious and secretly wondering: 'Is THIS it - is this all there is??'

My Wake Up Call

The death of my lovely dad changed everything. Losing a parent made me acutely aware of my own mortality, and forced me to reassess my life.

I craved a more meaningful existence, one that would allow me to express who I really am and live true to myself and my values.

Less than a year later, I’d left my corporate career of 22 years. And my marriage of the same length.

Age 44, I re-trained as a life coach and entered the unknown world of self-employment and single motherhood.

What I learned, and now teach to my clients, is that the beliefs we hold about ourselves are everything.

Everything we want to be, do and have in our lives starts with our beliefs.

Having the courage to uncover, examine and upgrade my beliefs is the most powerful, life-changing work I have ever done - and will continue to do, for the rest of my life.

I literally don't recognise the woman I was ten years ago, but I have so much compassion for her. And I am so excited for the woman I will become in one, five, ten years from now.

Building trust with myself was the secret ingredient that gave me the confidence to try on my new beliefs and take action from them.

This step is crucial to creating the essential evidence our brains require in order for us to embed and fully embody our upgraded beliefs.

Why My Story Matters to You

The huge personal impact of creating true confidence in myself, the kind that doesn't require constant external validation to feed it, sparked a desire and a passion in me to share this work with other women.

My path and my transformation has led me right here, helping women like you to achieve similar.

My expertise and coaching 'superpower' is my ability to help women change the way they think and feel about themselves, permanently.

Because when we change how we feel about ourselves on the inside, everything changes.

It gives us the freedom, and the inner confidence, to finally enjoy our lives and our achievements - and to create more of what we truly desire.

And because we need more women in the world who believe in themselves, wholeheartedly.

I certified with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2010, followed by two further accreditations with The Life Coach School in cognitive coaching. I have been personally trained by the brilliant Brooke Castillo.

I offer clients a unique combination of my professional credentials, lived experiences and the benefit of hundreds of hours of coaching conversations with women globally, both online and in corporate offices here in the UK.

I've had the privilege of supporting many women, just like you, to achieve life-altering transformations for themselves.

To explore how I can help you, read my Work with Julie page.