The smart, self-aware women I coach with, know the real solutions to their career or marriage dissatisfaction aren't ‘out there.'

These women know it would be all too easy to blame their husbands, their bosses, their mothers, or their never-ending To Do lists, for everything that’s wrong in their lives.

But they aren’t looking for a quick-fix way to discharge blame.

Because that's not who they want to be. And because it isn't helpful.

They recognise there’s a deeper truth.

They're ready to do the important work of figuring out the answers and take charge of their own happiness and fulfillment.

They’re ready to Reconnect - with themselves first.

If you're nodding along, please settle in.. You’ve come to the right place!

I'm Julie Marah and I spent too many years of my life feeling much the same way.

On the outside my life looked good.

Long marriage. Three healthy kids. Corporate career. Full life.

I was a savvy professional, a busy wife and mother. And I was great at taking care of everyone else.

The impression was I had it all together.

But inside was a different story.

I felt frustrated and trapped in a life, marriage and career I no longer loved.

I had the feeling my life could be so much more, but no clue what ‘more’ even looked like.

My dad’s death was my wake up call. It changed everything.

Losing a parent jolted me into reassessing my life. And acutely aware of my own mortality.

It forced me to finally admit the hard truth I'd been avoiding: I was deeply unhappy with my life.

Less than a year after my dad’s loss, I’d left my marriage of 22 years and my corporate career of the same length.

At age 44, I re-trained as a life coach. And embarked on the unknown world of self-employment and single motherhood to my three sons.

I craved a more meaningful life that would allow me to express who I am and live true to myself and my values.

And I wanted to help other women who felt like me to do the same.

My transformation has led me right here, helping other women achieve theirs.

I certified with Coaches Training Institute in 2010, followed by further accreditations with The Life Coach School in cognitive coaching. My professional smarts, combined with my lived experiences and coaching conversations with women globally and in corporate offices here in the UK, means I am uniquely placed to guide you to achieve your own transformation.

The last decade has been quite the rollercoaster ride. It certainly hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. There were times I questioned my choices. And my sanity.

But I wouldn't change a thing.

I literally don't recognise the woman I was ten years ago. And I have so much compassion for her.

My life today is grounded in my values and what is important to me.

I'm no longer hiding in my life or my career.

I’m in a healthy, loving relationship based on honesty, communication and connection. And laughter.

And I’m doing work I love that makes a real difference in my client's lives. It brings me joy and fulfillment and satisfaction every single day. And it challenges me to constantly work on my own shit! It's a honour and a privilege to do the work I do.

I am proud of the life I have created and the woman I have become.

Please don't misunderstand me. I will always be a work in progress. Life will always be filled with challenges to navigate and overcome. Because that's the deal when we're a human willing to evolve and grow! We're all on this messy path called life together.

The bottom line is, I’m no longer pretend happy. This time it's for real.

And I'm just getting started.

Helping women reconnect with themselves, and the inner wisdom that already knows what their best and most fulfilling life looks like, is my speciality. 

If your journey's anything like mine, or the many women I’ve had the privilege of coaching, you may be experiencing some or all of the following:

Feeling stuck in a rut, in limbo, and exhausted from being in your own head, trying to figure out the answers.

You may feel you’ve lost touch with the 'you' you used to be… and you have no idea how to get that woman back.

Perhaps you feel guilty and selfish for wanting something different, because your life looks pretty good from the outside.


You might decide to make some changes in your marriage or career, but they’re not the reasons you’re unhappy.

What if the first step is figuring out how to get you back?

Living a fulfilling and purposeful life begins with re-learning who you are today and what you want deep inside now.

It begins with reconnecting with the wise woman within you, the one you’ve forgotten how to listen to.

The part of you that knows exactly what you need to create the happiness and fulfilment you crave.

I can help you tap into her.

Check out my Services to find out more.

And if you'd like to get to know me and my work a little better, I invite you to read my blog.