Are you Happy on the Inside?

Us ladies invest a lot of our time, energy and resources into looking good.Happy on the inside

We take care of our appearance.

We want to look the best we can, whatever our age.

And there’s nothing better than knowing we look the part.

We have a great haircut and wear the right clothes. We eat healthily, exercise and invest in beauty products and treatments.

And it pays off.

We get compliments about how good we look. The message we communicate is that we value ourselves.

Taking care of our whole selves

But do we take such good care of ourselves on the inside?

Do we invest as readily in our emotional wellbeing? Sadly, the answer is often no.

Many times we spend money on our appearance or treat ourselves to a new dress or pair of shoes as a way to feel better about ourselves.

But any benefits of investing in our external appearance will be short-lived if we don’t also take care of our emotional needs.

So, how can we take better care of our emotional health?

How can we care invest in our ‘internal appearance’ – aka our self image – to the same degree?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

6 Top Tips for Feeling Happy on the Inside

Know Thyself: Have a clear sense of who you are and what you stand for in the world. Know what you truly value and what is most important to you. Live your life in alignment with what is true for you.

Let Go of What You Can’t Control: The only person whose behaviour we can control is our own. Focus on yourself and what you can create. Don’t waste your energy trying to change other people. It’s not your job.

Take Responsibility for your Own Happiness: Understand that your happiness is your job – don’t delegate it to anybody else. Own it!

Take Care of Your Own Needs First: Putting ourselves last leads to exhaustion, resentment and martyrdom. Refuel your own tanks first!

Learn to Say No More Often: Saying No is an act of self-love. When we say Yes when we really mean No it’s because we want to control what other people think of us. We end up feeling resentful so the other person can feel good. It doesn’t make sense, don’t do it! Saying No when you mean No means saying Yes to yourself.

Set Boundaries and be Prepared to Enforce Them: Clear boundaries give us freedom and ensure that we don’t give out mixed messages. Your boundaries are for you, not the other person. Being prepared to enforce your boundaries is about taking care of yourself. Healthy boundaries create healthy, happy relationships.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Did the above post resonate with you? What tips can you share for taking care of your emotional wellbeing? Please let me know in the comments below.


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