The two types of discomfort

“Discomfort is the currency for achieving our goals and aspirations.” I’ve heard a version of this quote from at least two of my teachers/mentors. I’ve experienced the truth of it in my own life, over and over again – and, still my brain wants to resist it. I explain to every new client that they’re going to experience discomfort. […]

Why we want more confidence and self-belief

I coached a lovely client last week about the next steps she wants to take in her career. She had lots of fear and self-doubt around stepping up and being more visible. She was questioning her ability to help her clients. She’d taken a short break from work to deal with a stressful family situation […]

Are You Stuck Between Who You Are Now And Who You Want To Be?

The Gap between Who you are now and Who you’re Becoming… Navigating the ‘Messy Middle’ Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes welcome… sometimes not so much. If there’s one certainty in life we can all count on, it’s that change will happen! The kinds of change I’m talking about can be categorised as […]