Are you in Love with your… LIFE?

I’ve been a ‘Wife Coach,’ teaching my unique process to clients for several years now. I believe I know and understand my clients and their needs very well. I understand the tools, strategies and mindset changes necessary for them to achieve the clarity they so deeply desire in their lives and marriages. And – I’m constantly re-learning what I […]

What if There are No Wrong Decisions?

A question. What if there really are no ‘wrong’ decisions? When trying to make important choices, so often we find ourselves constantly swinging between two seemingly opposing options. Whether it’s: Should I stay in my marriage or should I leave? Should I stay in my current job or find a more fulfilling one? Should I start […]

No Longer Willing to be THAT Woman

Transformation and change. That’s ultimately what my clients are seeking when they make the decision to work with me. They don’t use those words to describe what they want my help with, of course. Instead, they talk about the challenging circumstances they’re wrestling with in their marriages. The stuckness, the frustration, the fear, the sadness, the […]

That Letter I Wrote to my Future Self

Just over a year ago I attended a one day event as part of a coaching programme I had invested in for my business and personal growth. About half way into the day, the coach invited us to write a letter to ourselves, dated exactly one year into the future. In the letter we were to acknowledge […]

Are you waiting for permission to leave your husband?

Many clients who approach me want support because they are feeling truly stuck in their relationships. They don’t know whether they want to stay in their marriages or leave. Through our 1:1 coaching together,  they gain the clarity they crave – and a whole lot more besides. Sometimes I work with clients who already know in their […]

Uncertainty – The Fuel for an Amazing Life?

“Uncertainty is the fuel for an amazing life.” I read that quote a few days ago. At a time when I was feeling pretty uncertain about quite a few things – ha! One thing is certain. We will all face, and continue to face, the discomfort of uncertainty at various points throughout our lives. We […]

Fear is the Reason we need Courage (+5 Steps to Build it)

Did you know fear is the reason we need courage? Courage doesn’t exist without fear. Courage is the character trait we must develop in order to overcome fear. The only way we can build courage is by exposing ourselves to fear. We can’t passively build it while sitting on the sofa watching TV. Not Building […]

Are You the Kind of Romantic Partner You Seek?

What are the qualities and attributes you seek in your romantic partner, aka your husband? How do you wish he would ‘be’ with you in order for you to feel cherished and loved and deeply fulfilled in your relationship? In an ideal world, what does your ‘laundry list’ of requirements for that perfect partner look […]

Is (Lack of) Communication in Your Marriage Getting You Down?

One of the biggest challenges my clients face in their marriages is around the topic of communication. We all know how important good communication is in any relationship, yet it’s something so many of us struggle with, especially with our husbands. Too often, my clients’ well-intentioned attempts at opening up a mature dialogue quickly descends into conflict and blame, with […]

Should You Stay Married for the Sake of the Kids?

In my last blog post I talked about the common myth that can keep you stuck in a bad marriage, or a marriage you simply no longer wish to be in, for years. Today I want to talk about another prevalent reason that keeps many women (and men) stuck in unhappy relationships. And that is: ‘We have […]