Why Your Negative Emotions Are a Good Thing

Negative emotions get a bad rap, don’t they? Especially in the world of personal development and positive psychology. We are taught that our thinking creates our reality and that we must learn to think more positively in order to experience more happiness. As a coach who’s work is underpinned by a cognitive, thought-based coaching model, I wholeheartedly agree with […]

Are you Beating Yourself Up?

Recently I attended a fabulous event in London, hosted by the brilliant Kelly Pietrangeli of Project Me for Busy Mothers. I spent a whole day in the company of amazing, like-minded women and we got to focus on our Health & Wellbeing, away from the usual distractions of our busy lives. It was nurturing, nourishing, inspiring and action-focused. During the day we […]

Stop Waiting

I had a lightbulb moment a while back. You know, one of those realisations that seems so obvious. Except it wasn’t, until that very moment. It was this: I had been waiting. Waiting… To decide where to go next with my work For something to happen in my personal life For the right time to get divorced […]

Participate in Your Own Rescue

Participate in your own rescue. It’s an interesting turn of phrase. I first heard this expression in a leadership podcast.* It intrigued me. What does ‘participating in our own rescue’ actually mean? We’ve all heard the expression: ‘Nobody is coming to save you. You have to save yourself.’ I completely agree. If there’s something in our lives we’re […]

Why Should I Get Marriage Help When HE’S the Problem!?

Something I regularly hear from women struggling in their marriages is some variation of: Why should I be the one to get help for our marriage when HE is the problem! My husband is just so… difficult to live with/selfish/boring/bad tempered/ unappreciative/impossible to talk to/etc. etc. Why should I be the one to do all the […]

What Are You Afraid to Know?

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated in your marriage? But not doing anything to get unstuck? Are you living in hope that your husband will one day see the light and morph into the kind of man you want him to be? Are you telling yourself you’ll do something ‘soon?’ Just as soon as the summer […]

Your Worth is Already Proven

So many of us measure our worth as individuals according to external factors. Against how ‘successful’ we judge ourselves to be compared to others. Or how much we’ve achieved in our professional lives. How many friends we have, how popular we are. How much money we earn or believe we’re capable of making. Some of us measure […]

Why Real Self Care is More Than a Bubble Bath

Self. Care. It’s a term that gets bandied around a lot these days. What springs to mind when you hear those two words? Making sure you grab half an hour to read your latest page-turner in peace after a busy day? Making time to get to a yoga class? A fun night out with your girlfriends – a […]