Join me at Cambridge University (Bring your Imposter!)

Do you harbour the secret belief that you’re not as good as others perceive you to be? Do you fear that, any minute now, you’re going to be found out and exposed as the fraud you know yourself to be? Perhaps you believe the success you’ve achieved in your life and career has been a fluke, and clearly the result of luck, not intellect, hard work or talent. If so, you’re […]

Are You Stuck Between Who You Are Now And Who You Want To Be?

The Gap between Who you are now and Who you’re Becoming… Navigating the ‘Messy Middle’ Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes welcome… sometimes not so much. If there’s one certainty in life we can all count on, it’s that change will happen! The kinds of change I’m talking about can be categorised as […]

The Station… A Beautiful Reminder

Recently I attended a wonderful wedding in the Cotswolds. During the Ceremony, the Groom’s daughter gave a reading. It was a poem I had never heard before, and one I found very moving. In essence, the poem’s message was a reminder that – there is no ‘there.’ Yet, so often we live our lives under this illusion. Waiting, […]

How to be Braver

Do you ever wish you were braver? Do you sometimes find yourself holding back from expressing your opinions or speaking up during conversations with your boss, your peers, your partner, etc? Or perhaps you struggle with vulnerability and asking for exactly what you want and need? Maybe you find it difficult to set appropriate boundaries […]

Stop Waiting

I had a lightbulb moment a while back. You know, one of those realisations that seems so obvious. Except it wasn’t, until that very moment. It was this: I had been waiting. Waiting… To decide where to go next with my work For something to happen in my personal life For the right time to get divorced […]

Participate in Your Own Rescue

Participate in your own rescue. It’s an interesting turn of phrase. I first heard this expression in a leadership podcast.* It intrigued me. What does ‘participating in our own rescue’ actually mean? We’ve all heard the expression: ‘Nobody is coming to save you. You have to save yourself.’ I completely agree. If there’s something in our lives we’re […]

Your Worth is Already Proven

So many of us measure our worth as individuals according to external factors. Against how ‘successful’ we judge ourselves to be compared to others. Or how much we’ve achieved in our professional lives. How many friends we have, how popular we are. How much money we earn or believe we’re capable of making. Some of us measure […]

What’s Your Favourite Flavour of Sh*t Sandwich?!

Strange question? You may be wondering: ‘What’s this woman on about..? My favourite flavour of shit sandwich – what kind of question is THAT?!’ I have to confess that, while I absolutely love it, the question didn’t originate from me. It’s from a great article by Mark Manson* that poses a number of unusual questions to help you find […]

Your Most Precious Resource

As women we have a really hard time putting ourselves first. We believe doing so makes us selfish, self-centred – basically, a complete bitch who cares about nothing and nobody but ourselves. And it’s not just us who believes this. In some relationships, our husbands believe it too. And they take every opportunity to remind us of […]