Are you waiting for Permission?

“It’s as if I’ve had to wait for permission to do things. But I have only been waiting for permission from ……. ME!” One of my lovely clients wrote this in her email to me this week. She’s been experiencing some fantastic ‘aha’ moments during our work together that have been a delight to witness. Most recently, […]

Are you Happy on the Inside?

Us ladies invest a lot of our time, energy and resources into looking good. We take care of our appearance. We want to look the best we can, whatever our age. And there’s nothing better than knowing we look the part. We have a great haircut and wear the right clothes. We eat healthily, exercise and […]

The Stay Married FIT Technique – Your Questions Answered

Recently I published my free tool, the Stay Married FIT Technique  (How to go from Pissed off to Peaceful in three simple steps!) and asked for your feedback and experiences. My thanks to everybody who got in touch. This week’s blog post addresses a common question many women have asked me about using FIT: “The FIT Technique is great […]

I Asked, You Answered, I Listened!

In my last blog post I asked for your feedback on the proposed new name for my Free eGuide – Five Secrets to Staying Married Without Changing Your Husband! Many of you got in touch. Thank You. And you told me overwhelmingly that the original name – Five Secrets to Staying Married Without Losing Your Sanity! resonated with […]

How to Stay Married without Changing your Husband!

Today’s post is slightly different because I want to hear from you! I have renamed my eGuide. And I’d love to know what you think! The new name is: Five Secrets to Staying Married Without Changing Your Husband! The eGuide provides a comprehensive taster of my work, my philosophy and my coaching programme. (Available as a free download […]

Do you make these Love Mistakes?

I believe learning to love ourselves fully is the most important work we will ever do. It is the crux of everything. Worthiness. Believing we are good enough. Having a sense of belonging. Giving ourselves permission to ‘fail’. Trusting ourselves. Trusting the universe. All of it. Loving ourselves fully means deeply knowing that whatever we do in the […]

Do you ‘Enable’ His Unacceptable Behaviour?

One of the foundational elements of my coaching is helping clients to truly understand that we can’t control other people’s behaviour. Nor should we try. Trying to get another person to change so they become who we want them to be is the key to misery. None of us likes to be controlled or manipulated. When we believe this is […]

Do you feel Trapped in your Marriage?

Some of the big reasons for feeling trapped in a marriage include money. And kids. And the shame of leaving. You contribute to the household income but you’re still financially dependent on your husband. You have children and worry about how you would keep a roof over their heads. You can’t bear the thought of breaking up your family and the impact it […]