What Disguise Does Your FEAR Wear?

Clients come to coaching because they want change. There’s dissatisfaction with the status quo and they want something to be different. Better. And yet.. very often, they resist making the changes they so deeply desire. The Number 1 obstacle that gets in the way is F.E.A.R. Fear can paralyse us. Keep us stuck. Procrastinating. For […]

Do You Have a Compelling Vision for Your Future?

Imagine your life, five years from now. What would it look like in an anything is possible, clear blue sky scenario? Can you see it, smell it, feel it, touch it? How clear is your vision for your best life? Do you even believe it’s possible? Or do you think it’s just some ‘Pollyanna’ fantasy, […]

What If “I Need You to Save Me” Is a Lie?

Many relationship breakups involve conflict around money. Many women who go through a breakup, especially when there are children involved, are financially dependent on their former partner in some way. When one person moves out the bills don’t suddenly reduce by 50%. That’s reality. When there is a tug of war over money, typical thoughts […]

Time to Create a New Money Story?

We all have a past. Circumstances that happened to us. And we all have a story to tell. We take the facts – those indisputable things that happened – I lost my job, I got divorced, etc. And we add our own interpretation. This interpretation is our ‘story’. A lot of us have very painful […]