Are You ready for THESE Results in your Life and Marriage?

I recently completed the final session of Empowered Choices, Empowered Woman Programme with my fabulous client, Pauline (not her real name.) As I do with every client, I requested Pauline’s feedback on our work together. I do this for two purposes: 1) It allows the client to reflect on, solidify and record all of the results and mindset shifts they’ve achieved […]

Personal: What I Hold True

I have a different flavour of blog post for you this week. If you’re anything like me, you like to feel connected in your relationships – even your virtual ones! Many of the readers of my Newsletter and Blog have been with me for a couple of years or more now – Thank You for your […]

Are you in Love with your… LIFE?

I’ve been a ‘Wife Coach,’ teaching my unique process to clients for several years now. I believe I know and understand my clients and their needs very well. I understand the tools, strategies and mindset changes necessary for them to achieve the clarity they so deeply desire in their lives and marriages. And – I’m constantly re-learning what I […]

Are you Willing to Give Up your Resentment?

A big part of my work is teaching my clients how to manage their minds. Full disclosure: I am and always will be in the process of learning to manage my own mind! I deeply believe this crucial life skill is the key to our freedom – and our happiness. The biggest obstacle any of us will ever […]

What if There are No Wrong Decisions?

A question. What if there really are no ‘wrong’ decisions? When trying to make important choices, so often we find ourselves constantly swinging between two seemingly opposing options. Whether it’s: Should I stay in my marriage or should I leave? Should I stay in my current job or find a more fulfilling one? Should I start […]

No Longer Willing to be THAT Woman

Transformation and change. That’s ultimately what my clients are seeking when they make the decision to work with me. They don’t use those words to describe what they want my help with, of course. Instead, they talk about the challenging circumstances they’re wrestling with in their marriages. The stuckness, the frustration, the fear, the sadness, the […]

Did your Valentine play by the ‘Rule Book?’

Did you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! How was it for you? Are you feeling the lurrrrve? Did your Valentine shower you with hearts and flowers and words of undying love on the most romantic day of the year? Or was it all a bit of a ‘Larry Let Down’? February 14th is one of those days […]

The First Steps to Improving Your Marriage

In my work I talk a lot about women making empowered choices about the future of their marriages, however that looks for them. I defend any woman’s right to leave an unhappy marriage, as long as it’s done from a place of self-responsibility, and not from blame and victim mentality. I come into contact with […]

Reached the End of your Tether in your Marriage?

Have you reached your ‘something’s gotta give’ moment in your marriage? That point where you just know you can’t tolerate the status quo a moment longer? You know something’s got to change. But you’re confused and conflicted about the best way forward. Should you stay in your marriage and try to make things better (even […]

8th January – Divorce Day?

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have seen in the media that today has been dubbed: ‘Divorce Day.’ Apparently, the first Monday of the first full working week of January is the busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers, with their phones ringing off the hook. It’s not hard to […]