Mind Your Own Business

I’ve noticed a common theme during my client conversations lately. And I must admit it’s something I’m guilty of myself at times. To put it bluntly – we spend far too much of our lives poking our noses into other people’s business, in particular our husbands (also our kids – but that’s a whole other blog post!) We believe we […]

Is it Selfish to Put Your Own Happiness First?

This is the question every woman struggling in an unhappy marriage asks herself. It’s the dilemma we wrestle with as we battle within ourselves to figure out a way forward that will bring us some peace. We have this internal conflict because we’ve been raised with the belief that the answer to this question is Yes. We believe […]

That Letter I Wrote to my Future Self

Just over a year ago I attended a one day event as part of a coaching programme I had invested in for my business and personal growth. About half way into the day, the coach invited us to write a letter to ourselves, dated exactly one year into the future. In the letter we were to acknowledge […]

When Being True to Yourself is Hard

Back at the beginning of my ‘Wife Coaching’ journey, I had the privilege of supporting a lovely lady (actually, all my clients are lovely – that’s the truth!) Jackie (not her real name) was a strong, vibrant, whip-smart woman with so much to offer. In the few short months we worked together she made amazing progress. By the end […]

Giving Up on Your Marriage vs Letting Go

The topic of how to know when you’ve tried hard enough to make your marriage work, and when it’s okay to stop trying, is a regular theme in my work with clients. What I know for sure is that no responsible person ever contemplates divorce lightly. From my own personal experience, and the experiences of the […]

Do you Take Responsibility for your Husband’s Feelings?

As women and mothers we have a nurturing side that means we naturally want to take care of the people we love and care about. In our lives and marriages, our own wants, needs, dreams and desires often get relegated to the bottom of the pile. Over time, our family’s happiness and emotional wellbeing begins to take […]

Are You Waiting for Permission to Leave Your Husband?

Most of the clients who approach me want my support because they are feeling truly stuck. They don’t know whether they want to stay in their marriages or leave. Through our work together in Empowered Choices, Empowered Woman Programme,  they gain the clarity they crave – and a whole lot more besides. Sometimes I work with clients who […]

Financial Responsibility in Your Life and Marriage

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of taking 100% responsibility for our own lives and the results we create. It got me reflecting on what ‘taking complete responsibility’ actually means. And what it looks like. Also some of the ways we resist doing this, and even sabotage our own efforts to do so. For example, we may […]

Uncertainty – The Fuel for an Amazing Life?

“Uncertainty is the fuel for an amazing life.” I read that quote a few days ago. At a time when I was feeling pretty uncertain about quite a few things – ha! One thing is certain. We will all face, and continue to face, the discomfort of uncertainty at various points throughout our lives. We […]

Fear is the Reason we need Courage (+5 Steps to Build it)

Did you know fear is the reason we need courage? Courage doesn’t exist without fear. Courage is the character trait we must develop in order to overcome fear. The only way we can build courage is by exposing ourselves to fear. We can’t passively build it while sitting on the sofa watching TV. Not Building […]