3 Signs You’re Chasing Happiness for All the Wrong Reasons

I’ve been having interesting discussions with my clients lately about happiness. About what creates it. How to get it. How to keep it. Why it seems so elusive. How so many of us postpone it by tying it to some loosely defined idea of future success. We get so caught up in: “I’ll be happy […]

All You Need to Change is THIS

“I just don’t feel the same about my husband anymore.” “I’m not attracted to him now.” “He doesn’t make me feel the way I want to feel.” “I would leave him but I don’t want to turn my life upside down.” Should I settle for this life with him – is it enough?” So many […]

What Would Love Do?

How do you make decisions in your life when you’re not quite sure which way to go? How do you decide how to respond to certain people or situations? What is it that drives your actions and behaviours? Do you make choices that take you towards what you want, or away from what you don’t […]

The Link Between Worthiness and Deserving

Worthiness. The dictionary defines it as: “The quality or state of having merit or value.” How worthy do you feel? Do you believe some people are more or less worthy than others? I have been thinking about this a lot lately and pondering the link between worthiness and deserving. Do people who have a strong […]

It’s All About You

Do you put your own needs first in your marriage and your life? Or do you put your husband, the kids and everyone else in front? Do you worry that if you: Said what you really felt Asked for what you actually wanted Said No when you meant No Spent non-negotiable time focusing on what […]

Are You a Mass of Contradictions?

Last Friday night was one of those nights. One of those nights when you don’t stop laughing. When you laugh so much the backs of your ears ache. The kind of night you share only with long-held, trusted friends. The kind who know you really well. The kind you can be your true self with. […]

Are You Willing to Fail?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about failure. And failing. I’ve been failing in my business for the last three years. Failing my way to success. It’s felt like two steps forward and three steps back. I’ve often felt like giving up. I still have those days. Wondering if I should just go and get […]

Who Are You Now?

Wife. Mother. Homemaker. Business owner/career professional. Mover. Shaker. Daughter. Carer of aging parents perhaps. Sister. Sibling. Friend. Woman. Who Is She? But just who is the woman beneath the myriad roles and faces she wears? Who is she now? What does she yearn for? She’s not the bride who walked down the aisle all those […]

I’m Bloody Amazing, Actually

“I’m ok. Actually I’m more than ok. I’m bloody amazing!” This is what I want. For you. For me. For my clients. That moment of self-realisation. The one that always makes me smile. And love my job just a little bit more. That self-recognition. Not in an arrogant, ‘look-at-me’ kind of way. But in an honest ‘stripped-bare-of-fear-and-doubt’ kind […]

In Honour of What Is Important

This week, on the same day just a couple of hours apart, two of my closest friends each lost a beloved parent. I know that pain. I have felt it. My heart bleeds for them both. Death is so final. There is no going back. It seems such an obvious thing to say. But the […]