Are You the Kind of Romantic Partner You Seek?

What are the qualities and attributes you seek in your romantic partner, aka your husband? How do you wish he would ‘be’ with you in order for you to feel cherished and loved and deeply fulfilled in your relationship? In an ideal world, what does your ‘laundry list’ of requirements for that perfect partner look […]

The REAL Reason Your Husband’s Criticism Hurts You

Do your attempts to communicate with your husband often descend into a ‘blame game?’ You start out with the best intentions of having a grown up, mature conversation, but your valiant efforts soon dissolve into a childish tit-for-tat. No sooner have you broached the topic you want to discuss when he begins to criticise you, perhaps for the things you ‘always’ or ‘never’ do. […]

The No.1 Fear keeping you stuck in an unhealthy marriage (and 5 steps to get unstuck)

The women I work with come to me feeling very unclear about the future of their marriages. They are confused and conflicted about how they feel and what they actually want now. They are torn between staying and leaving. Helping women gain clarity on this important issue and how to move forward from it is the foundation of my work in Empowered Choices, Empowered Woman Programme. It’s a privilege […]

You Deserve This Too

Today is the eighth anniversary of my lovely dad’s death. It’s hard for me to believe he’s been gone that long; he was such a gentle soul, and in his own quiet way, a great teacher for me. I miss him every day. If you’ve been following my musings for any length of time, you may know that losing my dad was the catalyst […]

Is (Lack of) Communication in Your Marriage Getting You Down?

One of the biggest challenges my clients face in their marriages is around the topic of communication. We all know how important good communication is in any relationship, yet it’s something so many of us struggle with, especially with our husbands. Too often, my clients’ well-intentioned attempts at opening up a mature dialogue quickly descends into conflict and blame, with […]

Should You Stay Married for the Sake of the Kids?

In my last blog post I talked about the common myth that can keep you stuck in a bad marriage, or a marriage you simply no longer wish to be in, for years. Today I want to talk about another prevalent reason that keeps many women (and men) stuck in unhappy relationships. And that is: ‘We have […]

Is This Myth Keeping You Stuck in a Bad Marriage?

Today I want to dispel one of the common myths that can keep you trapped in a bad marriage for years. Or simply in a marriage that you know in your heart you want to leave. I accepted this false belief as truth for many years as I struggled to make my marriage work; I simply didn’t […]

Who are you now.. and what do you actually want?

In Part 1 of this blog post I talked about the five reasons ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ is the WRONG question to ask when you’ve reached a crunch point in your marriage. So, what is a better question to ask yourself instead? ‘Who are you today – and what do you actually want now?’ […]

Does Asking for Help Make You Weak?

There’s a common misconception amongst us women that we should be able to figure out the solutions to all of life’s myriad challenges and problems by ourselves. It’s part of the job description for being a ‘strong, independent woman’ isn’t it?! In certain situations, we believe that asking for help somehow makes us appear weak – to ourselves, other people and the person we’re asking for the […]