3 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Marriage

As a coach, it’s not my job to give advice. The person best qualified to know what is right for you and your life – is you. You are in the expert in your own life and marriage. The beauty of coaching is that it provides a safe space to explore and uncover our own answers. […]

I’m No Marriage Expert

I love it when my clients have an insight. An ‘aha’ moment. That moment when they see something they couldn’t previously see. A lightbulb switches on in their mind. A new level of awareness emerges. Perhaps a truth they’ve been avoiding. A hidden part of themselves suddenly revealed. To themselves. A part they’ve been denying. Avoiding. […]

Falling Out of Love with your Husband is a Choice

Falling out of love with your husband is a choice. What do you think when you read the above statement? What comes up for you? Do you believe this? Or do you have strong resistance to it? As in: “That’s ridiculous – what IS this woman talking about; of course it’s not a choice!” I […]

I’m Not Sure I Ever Truly Loved Him

I hear a version of the above statement fairly frequently from my clients. They are struggling in their marriages now. And they question whether they were ever really in love with their husband. Even when they married him. All those years ago. Some say they had the realisation soon after getting hitched. They say if they […]

Permission to Leave

My gig, until recently, has focused on helping women to stay married without losing their sanity. Showing them that not only is this proposition entirely possible, but, wait for it – they can be HAPPY while they do it! How do I know this is possible for any woman who chooses it? Because our happiness doesn’t […]

7 Things a Business Course Taught Me About Marriage

I recently completed an intensive business mentoring course. It was a mixture of solid business concepts and deep mindset work. I learned a lot. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest insight I took away wasn’t about business. “How We Do One Thing” My biggest learning was about human behaviour. It was about fear. And resistance to change. And […]

Get Happy in Your Marriage – Then Leave If You Want

I introduce my clients to the concept of learning how to be happy in their marriages before making any decision to stay or leave. And the best bit… They don’t have to wait for their husbands to change for it to happen. Really. Why Leave Then? I was asked the question recently: “If I can learn to […]

The Biggest Lie

I’ve got too much going on to even think about this. I haven’t got the time/money/energy to do it right now. I’m not in the right headspace for it. It’s not that important – really. I’m so stressed at the moment I can’t even think about it. I’ll make it a priority tomorrow/next week/next month/next year/next […]

What Is Perfect About This?

I remember one of the first times I asked a client this question. It was via email to follow up our initial coaching session. My client told me she almost spat her coffee (or was it wine?) at the screen when she read the question. Because, of course – it was a preposterous question! Nothing? […]

Are You Mistaking Busy-ness for Worthiness?

Busy. Busy. We are all so very busy. Kids. Home. Careers. Friends. Husbands. Parents. Exercise. Family. Projects. The constant juggling act. Racing from one responsibility to the next. Barely stopping to catch our breath. ‘Me time’ an elusive, guilt-ridden fantasy. Zero time to pause and question our choices. No time to lose. Winning First Place We’ve […]