What Message is Your Marriage Giving Your Kids?

“I want to model a healthy, happy relationship to my kids.” This is one of the things almost every woman tells me when I ask her why creating change in her marriage is so important to her. It’s something we all relate and aspire to. We want to be positive role models for our children. Our kids learn about relationships first […]

What If We Just Trusted?

Two things have been top of mind for me this week. Although they are related I made a new connection this morning while out on my walk in the Chorleywood countryside (where I often get my most inspired thoughts and ideas!) The photo on the right was taken in the woods behind my house and I […]

Are you Happy on the Inside?

Us ladies invest a lot of our time, energy and resources into looking good. We take care of our appearance. We want to look the best we can, whatever our age. And there’s nothing better than knowing we look the part. We have a great haircut and wear the right clothes. We eat healthily, exercise and […]

Do you make these Love Mistakes?

I believe learning to love ourselves fully is the most important work we will ever do. It is the crux of everything. Worthiness. Believing we are good enough. Having a sense of belonging. Giving ourselves permission to ‘fail’. Trusting ourselves. Trusting the universe. All of it. Loving ourselves fully means deeply knowing that whatever we do in the […]

Permission To Be You

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde. “I’d rather be a first rate version of myself than a second rate version of somebody else.” Judy Garland. Great quotes. We hear a lot about authenticity. It’s the new buzz word. “Be you.” “Be yourself.” “To thine ownself be true,” Shakespeare said. Who Is the […]

My Son Got Bitten by a Dog, Luckily

Last week was a stressful week. My nine year old son ended up in hospital after what I initially thought was a tummy bug. Turns out he needed immediate surgery to remove his highly inflamed appendix. He had returned from a half-term visit to Ireland with his dad and his brothers the previous day. Shortly […]

What Disguise Does Your FEAR Wear?

Clients come to coaching because they want change. There’s dissatisfaction with the status quo and they want something to be different. Better. And yet.. very often, they resist making the changes they so deeply desire. The Number 1 obstacle that gets in the way is F.E.A.R. Fear can paralyse us. Keep us stuck. Procrastinating. For […]