Are You Mistaking Busy-ness for Worthiness?

Busy. Busy. We are all so very busy. Kids. Home. Careers. Friends. Husbands. Parents. Exercise. Family. Projects. The constant juggling act. Racing from one responsibility to the next. Barely stopping to catch our breath. ‘Me time’ an elusive, guilt-ridden fantasy. Zero time to pause and question our choices. No time to lose. Winning First Place We’ve […]

Are You an Emotional Child in Your Marriage?

What’s an emotional child you may ask (aside from the obvious?) Sounds like psycho-babble bullshit – what does it even mean? It wasn’t a term I was familiar with in my previous life either. But, for sure, I was operating as one in my marriage. The concepts of emotional childhood and emotional adulthood are not things they […]

When You Want What You Can’t Have

There’s a dilemma many of my clients share lately. Wanting something, or more accurately, someone, they can’t have. Forbidden fruit. Doesn’t it always taste sweeter? Your head saying one thing. Your heart another. A moral dilemma. These are women of integrity. They value honesty. And truth. They are in conflict with themselves. And yet… Head vs Heart They are […]

How to Improve Your Marriage by Yourself

Can you really improve your relationship by yourself? Don’t you need the other person, aka your husband, to agree, to compromise, to change his behaviour, to want it too? I’m not saying it won’t help if he wants the same things you do. It absolutely will. But all of your power to change how you […]

Just Own It

I’ve become intrigued recently with the concept of ‘owning it.’ By ‘it’ I mean our emotional life. Owning our physical stuff like our house, our car, our furniture, our clothes, our jewellery. That’s easy. We know how to do that. But what about owning our emotional stuff? What about owning our choices? Even when they’re unconscious, […]

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you in love? You may think I’m asking you to ponder this question in relation to your husband. Nope. Not today. That’s another question for another blog post. What I want to ask you today is this: Are you in love with your life? What’s Love Got To Do With it? Maybe it’s a question […]

Do You Have the DESIRE to Make Your Marriage Work?

Does your husband follow “The Rule Book” you’ve written for him on how he should behave in his life and your marriage? What’s a Rule Book? A Rule Book is basically an instruction manual we’ve written in our minds for how somebody else should behave, i.e. our husbands. We all have certain expectations of the […]

All You Need to Change is THIS

“I just don’t feel the same about my husband anymore.” “I’m not attracted to him now.” “He doesn’t make me feel the way I want to feel.” “I would leave him but I don’t want to turn my life upside down.” Should I settle for this life with him – is it enough?” So many […]

How to Stay Married When You Want to Leave

You’re unhappy. You feel stuck and frustrated in your marriage. And you’re afraid. Afraid to take a close-up look at the cause of your unhappiness. The cause of your stuck-ness. Your frustration. Afraid of what you might find if you do. And even more afraid of what you’d have to do about what you find. […]