Who Are You Now?

Wife. Mother. Homemaker. Business owner/career professional. Mover. Shaker. Daughter. Carer of aging parents perhaps. Sister. Sibling. Friend. Woman. Who Is She? But just who is the woman beneath the myriad roles and faces she wears? Who is she now? What does she yearn for? She’s not the bride who walked down the aisle all those […]

I’m Bloody Amazing, Actually

“I’m ok. Actually I’m more than ok. I’m bloody amazing!” This is what I want. For you. For me. For my clients. That moment of self-realisation. The one that always makes me smile. And love my job just a little bit more. That self-recognition. Not in an arrogant, ‘look-at-me’ kind of way. But in an honest ‘stripped-bare-of-fear-and-doubt’ kind […]

In Honour of What Is Important

This week, on the same day just a couple of hours apart, two of my closest friends each lost a beloved parent. I know that pain. I have felt it. My heart bleeds for them both. Death is so final. There is no going back. It seems such an obvious thing to say. But the […]

What Message is Your Marriage Giving Your Kids?

“I want to model a healthy, happy relationship to my kids.” This is one of the things almost every woman tells me when I ask her why creating change in her marriage is so important to her. It’s something we all relate and aspire to. We want to be positive role models for our children. Our kids learn about relationships first […]

Can You Really Save Your Marriage By Yourself?

This is a question I’m sometimes asked by potential clients and others I talk to about my coaching practice. My work is with women who feel stuck and frustrated in their marriages. The curiosity comes when I tell them that my approach focuses entirely on the woman. The short answer to the question is: Yes. And No. Confused? Let me explain. Why It’s a […]

What If We Just Trusted?

Two things have been top of mind for me this week. Although they are related I made a new connection this morning while out on my walk in the Chorleywood countryside (where I often get my most inspired thoughts and ideas!) The photo on the right was taken in the woods behind my house and I […]

Can This Really Save My Marriage?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m guessing there may be some positive changes you’d like to see in your own life and marriage. I’m also guessing you may be more than a little sceptical about whether a “Wife Coaching” Programme such as Stay Married Without Losing Your Sanity!  can really work for you. Maybe […]

Still Unappreciated

In Part 1 of this blog series I wrote about a topic I hear frequently from women who feel stuck in their marriages. Feeling Unappreciated. The fact that they (the women) do everything in the home, for the kids, for the family, as well as holding down a job or running a business. And they (the husbands) do nothing to support them […]

I Feel So Unappreciated

“I feel completely unappreciated. I’m the one running the home. Looking after the kids, holding down a job, doing everything. I never sit down, I never get time to myself, or time to relax. My husband, on the other hand, comes in from work, sits down and relaxes all evening! How can I get him to realise […]

The Real Cost of your Marriage Drama

Do you have a lot of drama and conflict in your marriage? Maybe it’s high level drama with lots of shouting, door slamming and foot-stamping. Or maybe it’s more low level. The insidious kind. Where on the outside there’s not much going on. But on the inside you are quietly engaged in an internal conflict about HIM and why he’s […]