What Julie’s Clients Say:

“I didn’t want to end my marriage, but needed help. Couples counselling hadn’t worked for us, we’d tried it twice before. This time I knew I needed somebody who was going to be there just for me. That’s why I chose Julie and her approach…

I’m really enjoying being ‘myself’ again and ironically, know I’ve become a better wife and person because of it!”

Working with Julie was so much better than I could ever have hoped – my future feels so much brighter now..

I’ve rediscovered the ‘old’ me – confident, strong, empowered, in control of my own life and optimistic for the future. I’m feeling much happier in myself!

The confidence I’ve gained has given me more courage and made me more willing to step out of my comfort zone. My relationship with my husband has improved significantly as a result of my increased confidence, and that’s been extremely positive.

Through the coaching I learned I had allowed myself to become a victim of my husband’s behaviour, and unknowingly encouraged him to treat me as such. I now know I wasn’t a victim of my marriage circumstances – I was a victim of my own thinking!

Over the past few years, due to the difficulties in our life and marriage, I’d increasingly suppressed my own self-esteem in favour of trying to support my husband and make him feel better. Without realising it, I had diminished myself.

Today, I’m no longer afraid of asserting myself and saying No. I’ve learned not to take on my husband’s emotions and that I don’t need his approval to feel validated. Now I have my own approval and validate myself!

The tools I’ve learned, including how to set healthy boundaries and how to coach myself, will ensure I continue to grow and evolve in the future.

Julie was really easy to speak with, completely non-judgemental and totally supportive – I was surprised how much I enjoyed our sessions! I loved how sensible, pragmatic and easily she seemed to answer my insurmountable questions and how, without me realising, she kept me moving forward.
From week to week I felt I was taking baby steps but, looking back, I made massive progress and changes very quickly, which was truly amazing and also very motivating.

If I were to describe Julie’s coaching style in three words… Transformative, friendly, sensible, brilliant, approachable, logical, pragmatic… oops, I can’t count!!

After working with Julie I feel empowered in my life and marriage. As a result, I feel really positive about my relationship with my husband and our future.

What’s my advice to any woman experiencing marriage difficulties, or feeling like she’s lost herself in her relationship? Take the leap of faith and work with Julie.. You won’t regret it – I certainly didn’t!
Dr. P.M. PhD, West Sussex, UK

“I found Julie online after Googling: ‘How to give myself permission to leave my husband’ and knew I’d located a valuable resource. I had struggled to make the decision to leave my marriage for seven years and felt very stuck and frustrated.”

Through my work with Julie, I learned to shift my focus onto myself and came to understand that I am my most precious resource. She helped me see that I actually have a responsibility to honour my health, my happiness – and my life.
Julie’s approach helped me organise my thoughts in a clear, kind and compassionate way so that I could move forward with my decision. And I now have tools I can use with any difficult communication issue!
Her coaching and continued support and encouragement were invaluable. I strongly recommend Julie and her services to any woman struggling to give herself permission to make choices based on HER own needs. I am so thankful I found you and I appreciate your help very much Julie!!!
Mrs. B.H., Mississippi, USA

“The value and personalised support provided by Julie is amazing and unlike any other coaching I’ve had before.”

Being able to talk to someone who has experienced a similar situation is invaluable. I loved the structure of the programme and seeing each module build on the next to create the bigger picture. The investment in money and time was worth every penny.  It has resulted in an incredible transformation from where I was a few months ago and has already changed my life for the better in so many ways.
Mrs. M.G., Hertfordshire, UK

“I decided to work with Julie because of how I was feeling about my husband and my marriage. But I quickly learned that the work was mine to do.”

Julie helped me to focus on myself and how I could create my own happiness. I am blessed to have met Julie online. Amazing, life-changing – a wonderful woman. In life you get what you pay for and if you are seeking professional support, advice and guidance you want the best. Don’t hesitate to invest in your most precious resource – your mind!
Mrs. E.S. City Beach, Western Australia

“As a result of working with Julie I felt like I found myself again.. having got very lost along the way. Julie helped me in unimaginable ways, way beyond just my marriage.”

I understand myself and my relationship so much better and I know it’s up to me to take responsibility for how I want to feel. I’m excited now about the possibilities ahead! Julie is professional, encouraging and honest – she is also partly a magician! I would recommend Julie and her work to any woman having marriage woes. Thank you Julie! (That is one of the biggest thank you’s I have ever said!)
Mrs. B.B., Worcestershire, UK

“Men – Do not hesitate to work with Julie! The work is simply transformational.  From day one, Julie will help guide you to your truth through a process that will make you take a deep dive into your own needs, wants, and desires.”

If you have enough imagination to swap out genders in your reading, homework and dialogue with Julie, you will gain so much insight into your own soul that you can’t help but find clarity about your life and marriage.

This clarity will empower you to make new choices from a place of self-knowledge and perspective, rather than from a reactive emotional state.  No matter the circumstances of your life or marriage, Julie will guide you to a clear decision and aide you in detailing out the steps needed to reach your goals.

I cannot say enough good things about working with Julie. Invest in yourself, you won’t regret it!
Mr. D.L., Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I needed to do something as I was feeling so stuck in an unhappy situation. Now, I can hardly remember what life was like ‘before Julie!”

Her approach is kind, informative and quite simply life-changing. I am much more relaxed and comfortable being me now. I also feel I’m a better parent and have skills I can teach to my children. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie to any woman who is unhappy in her life or marriage. I can sum up my work with Julie in two words – Thank You!
Mrs. M.B. Hertfordshire, UK

“I was initially attracted to Julie’s work because I thought my marriage needed improving. However Julie’s coaching made me realise I was unhappy within myself, which was a reason for not being happy in my marriage.”

Working with Julie taught me to let go of the things I had been desperate to control within my family and to trust my husband and children to do what’s right for them. I also learned to start trusting myself, which was huge for me.

Communication with my husband, one of our biggest issues, has improved. I’ve realised we both suffer from ‘I’m not good enough’ moments and that they often fuelled our conflicts. This realisation has helped me to have more compassion for us both and to deal with future disagreements from this perspective.

As a result my home life feels calmer and more harmonious.

As well as the improvements in my marriage, I now have higher self-esteem and love myself more. I truly understand the importance of taking care of my own needs and I’m no longer afraid to prioritise myself. I’ve also made considerable progress in my business because I’m not paralysed by fear anymore – and that feels amazing! My thoughts have become more intentional, giving me better results and therefore a more fulfilling life.

I highly recommend Julie’s programme to any woman who is at a crossroads or feeling stuck in a rut in her life or marriage. She is thorough, passionate, informative, understanding and extremely dedicated to your success. Her style is friendly, down to earth and straight talking.

Julie gave me unwavering support and I always felt she was nearby and thinking of me.

I was initially attracted to Julie’s work because I thought my marriage needed improving. However Julie’s coaching made me realise I was unhappy within myself, which was a reason for not being happy in my marriage.

I now know that it’s absolutely possible to stay married and be happy as long as I take care of myself and consciously manage my thoughts. The future feels positive, exciting – and a little bit scary, but in a good way!

Mrs. Donna Edwards
London, England

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“I do think most women would benefit from this process, especially women like myself who believe they are holding it together, being all things to to all people. When the reality is they are doing so at great cost to themselves.”

My marriage was in a bad way when I started working with Julie, and I certainly didn’t think I would be ‘staying married.’ I initially came with the mindset of just finding a way to cope better with the fall-out, of being heard and staying sane!

I wasn’t sure I needed coaching but decided to book a Clarity Session as so much of Julie’s blog resonated with me. Through speaking to Julie I became really clear about what I wanted for myself and I realised her Programme could help me achieve it.

Working with Julie allowed me to find out what being true to myself truly means. I’ve realised I can’t control what other people think, so I try not to worry about that now. I’ve learned to take more time out for myself, doing the things I want to do, without feeling guilty.

I’m also speaking up for myself more and offering my opinions instead of ‘going with the flow’ and feeling annoyed later for letting myself down. I know now that I’m worthy – regardless of whether other people agree with my opinions or not.

What really surprised me was how much I enjoyed the whole experience. I enjoyed the fact I could take things at my own pace and there was no pressure to think a certain way. Julie helped me to find my own thoughts and my own voice.

She is so relaxed and easy to talk to that I felt I was spending time with a good friend.

I do think most women would benefit from this process, especially women like myself who believe they are holding it together, being all things to to all people. When the reality is they are doing so at great cost to themselves.

Julie’s programme has helped me not only with the challenges in my marriage, but to improve all of my relationships.

I now feel positive about the future. I’m sure I will lapse occasionally but knowing I have the tools to change my thought processes and habits gives me confidence.

I’m happy to say my marriage is now back on track. Working with Julie has been extremely useful in navigating what was a very difficult period in my life. I can’t thank her enough!

Mrs. K.L.
Hertfordshire, England

“Julie is honest and caring in her interactions… The biggest realisation I have taken … is that I can give myself permission to be happy. Happy in my marriage and happy in my life.”

When I stumbled upon Julie’s programme I was very sceptical. My head was at the stage that my husband couldn’t make me happy and I thought: “Why even try?”

But at the back of my mind I had a niggle and knew I’d regret it if I didn’t at least try. After all, there was a time we had been very happy together.

Working with Julie really made me think about what was important to me.  I came to realise that my husband wasn’t holding me back, even though I blamed him, it was me.  I was holding me back!

I remember one of our sessions where I told Julie I was dreading speaking to my husband about an upcoming occasion. I believed we needed to celebrate it and I wanted us to do something special. Julie asked me to look at it from another angle.

She asked if it was possible my husband might not want to relive this occasion, especially as it had been a painful time for us both. That really made me think and put myself into my husband’s shoes. We all know Men are from another planet so why would he think like me!

I have taken so much from this programme and one of my biggest takeaways is that I have to look after my own needs as well as my family’s. Putting myself last
serves no-one!

Julie is honest and caring in her interactions. I really enjoyed the homework exercises she provided as they kept me focused and moving forward between sessions.

One of my other big realisations is that somewhere along the journey I lost my sense of who I was. In the busyness of life dealing with kids, work, family, husband, it was easy to lose sight of what was important to ME.

I am now much better equipped to keep my “Self” front and centre and I have the tools and self-awareness to keep me on track. I also have a new appreciation for everything good in my life, instead of focusing on what I haven’t got.

Who knows what my husband and I can achieve together in the future – it’s up to us!

Julie will smile when she reads this, but the biggest realisation I have taken from this journey is that I can give myself permission to be happy. Happy in my marriage and happy in my life.

If you’re wondering whether this programme can work for you, my advice is – you won’t know until you try! If you are open to learning and to looking within yourself, you will get exactly what you need from working with Julie. I’m so glad I did!

Jackie Brennand
Lancashire UK

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“It’s been truly transformational – this sh*t really works!”

My marriage and family life are now happier and much more harmonious since working with Julie. Prior to the coaching I was stuck in a marriage rut, worn down by the constant bickering with my husband and worried about the effect it was having on our girls.

When I first described my vision for family harmony to Julie it seemed almost laughable and yet, here we are living it. And all in just three short months!

I had read many times that you can only create change in yourself, not others, but I needed the practical tools and strategies to help me truly understand this. The structure of the programme with pre-reading, session topics and homework really kept me on track.  I also have “go to” thoughts to snap me out of a reverie at any given moment.

The best part for me was making the decision to invest in myself and creating the space to feel truly heard – every harried woman’s dream!

I have no hesitation in recommending Julie as a coach. She is highly skilled at what she does, but she is also a regular gal with kids, a home, a life and a sense of humour – she really GETS it!

In summary – it’s been truly transformational – this sh*t really works!

Lisa Nichols
St. Albans, Herts., UK

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“Working with Julie was a great experience for me.. she was honest and direct, but always kind and compassionate. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

While working with Julie I learned how to communicate more effectively in my marriage, and this alone has greatly improved my relationship with my husband. Previously, I had been afraid of conflict which had often resulted in me feeling stuck and fearful. Now I have the tools to communicate in a non-confrontational way and the confidence to speak what’s on my mind.

With Julie I also learned how to set appropriate boundaries and how to say no to people, areas I had always struggled with – I was a classic ‘people pleaser!’  I have learned, finally, that in order to give to other people, I have to take care of myself first.

Working with Julie was a great experience for me and I highly recommend her as a coach. She was honest and direct, which I found challenging at times, but always kind and compassionate. I felt I could tell her anything.

As a result of working with Julie all of my relationships have improved, but especially my relationship with myself – and that’s been the best part!

Mrs. A.M.
Denham, Bucks., UK

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“Julie was very easy to talk with. She listened. She asked simple questions that led to important insights into myself.”

When I began working with Julie I was at a low point in my life due to difficulties in my marriage. Although my marriage was the issue I knew I needed to focus on myself. I had a lost my sense of who I was and what was important to me. I needed to get ‘me’ back.

I began the process by wanting to be truer to myself and I believe I achieved that. I learned how to reconnect with my values and now understand the importance of living in alignment with them.

My need to please everyone has lessened and I am more vocal in asking for what I want and communicating what I will and won’t tolerate. I have learned how to set boundaries I am prepared to enforce.

Julie was very easy to talk with. She listened. She asked simple questions that led to important insights into myself. She had empathy and brought just the right amount of her own life experiences into the equation. I didn’t feel alone.

Before the coaching my life had become so hectic that I had no time to stop and think. Now I consciously step back to reflect and consider what I want and what’s important. As a result of working with Julie I have got back in touch with the real me.

Life coaching can be seen as a bit ‘out there’ by some. But it has altered my perspective and taught me that it is possible to create a new path for myself. The more I talk with women my age the more I think we can all benefit from coaching!

If you are open, receptive and committed to making the changes you want, coaching can help you get there.

In a nutshell, life coaching works and I highly recommend Julie as a coach!

Mrs. J.S.
Northamptonshire, UK