This is the question keeping you awake at night.
The one you're constantly wrestling with and agonising over.
You're stuck, frustrated, resentful, confused - and scared shitless.
It's exhausting. I get it.
I've been there too.
Here's the thing. It's the wrong question!
The right question?
Who are you today and what do you actually want now?
Answer that question fully and the marriage question will take care of itself.

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About Wife Coach: Julie Marah

Helping smart, compassionate women gain clarity and make empowered choices
in their lives and marriages.

I’m Julie Marah and I’m here to tell you that your life and your happiness have nothing to do with your husband.

Feeling good starts with YOU.

The first step is figuring out how to get YOU back. The woman who somehow disappeared amidst married life and raising kids.

Finding out who you are now and what you want isn’t all that difficult.

But it’s the first step in building a life you love. It may mean leaving your marriage and it may not. But your relationship isn’t why you’re unhappy.

Living a fulfilling and empowered life begins with re-learning who you are now and what you want deep inside.

I know because I had a similar journey. It brought me here, helping other women make smart choices to live life on their own terms.

A life where you can be true to yourself.

Sound good? You’re in the right place.

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