I’m Bloody Amazing, Actually

I'm Bloody Amazing Actually“I’m ok. Actually I’m more than ok.
I’m bloody amazing!”

This is what I want.

For you.

For me.

For my clients.

That moment of self-realisation.

The one that always makes me smile. And love my job just a little bit more.

That self-recognition.

Not in an arrogant, ‘look-at-me’ kind of way.

But in an honest ‘stripped-bare-of-fear-and-doubt’ kind of way.

To truly ‘see’ yourself. Perhaps for the first time.

To see the brilliant, flawless diamond that you are.

The one buried deep within.

Beneath the layers.

The layers of shit. Murk. Crud.

The layers of filth and grime also known by their other names: fear and self-doubt.

Shovelled on in ever thickening layers with each year that passes.

No wonder we can’t easily see what lies beneath.

No wonder we can’t recognise our own brilliance, let alone own it, when it’s buried so deeply within.

How to excavate it. Uncover it?

Do you need a “Wife Coach” to point out and shine a light on your amazingness in order for you to see it?

Not necessarily.

There are many routes to amazing.

Maybe you’re already there. Or on the path. If so, I salute you. Keep on.

Great. But What’s This Got to Do with Feeling Frustrated in My Marriage?


And everything.

The path to feeling better in your marriage starts with you.

The path to transforming your marriage starts with you.

When you can fully recognise your amazingness and own it you will create transformation.

With yourself. First.

You will give yourself permission to be who you are.

You will ask for what you want. Without making your happiness dependent on getting it.

You will set boundaries and be willing to enforce them.

You will say No without feeling guilty.

You will take exceptional care of you.

You will know what is important and you will organise your life around those things.

You will take responsibility for your own happiness.

Owning It

When you do these things, you will have owned your own amazingness.

When you step into and own your brilliance, your relationships can’t help but be transformed.

Your relationship with your husband.

Your relationship with your kids.

All of your relationships.

It all starts with you.

Give yourself permission to say: “I’m bloody amazing, actually!”

Take whatever route you need to get there.

Start today.

Want to Transform Your Marriage Starting With You?

Are you ready to uncover your own brilliance and amazingness so that you can create transformation in your life and marriage?

If so request a Free 30 minute Clarity Breakthrough Session so that you can start moving forward immediately with creating the life you long for.

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  1. I’m having a hard time with this one lately. Just have not been feeling too bloody amazing for the past few weeks.

    I suppose the difference between now and “then” is that I know that I can and will pull myself out of it – and I know how!

    Looking forward to some exceptional self care this weekend, with a little stroll down “Reasons Why I’m Awesome Lane” thrown in for good measure. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Glad this post provided a timely reminder for you Andrea that, actually, you are bloody amazing! It can be hard at times for us to remember this, but as you say having the tools to pull yourself out is key.

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend of self care and have re-reconnected with your amazingness!

  2. Love the heading! And of course the post that follows. Everyday I say this with full conviction (whether I’m feeling it or not) and it always takes me out of fear and self-doubt. Thanks for the lovely post.

    • Thanks for commenting Leah. Also for sharing your tip of saying this to yourself everyday with conviction, whether you’re feeling it or not, to get you out of fear and self-doubt. I’m sure we can all benefit from trying this too.

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