Join me at Cambridge University (Bring your Imposter!)

Do you harbour the secret belief
that you’re not as good as others perceive you to be?

Do you fear that, any minute now, you’re going to be found out and exposed as the fraud you know yourself to be?

Perhaps you believe the success you’ve achieved in your life and career has been a fluke, and clearly the result of luck, not intellect, hard work or talent.

If so, you’re in good company…  and likely very familiar with the following term:

Imposter Syndrome.

Hello… and Welcome to the Club! 😉

While Imposter Syndrome is far more common than we may realise, particularly amongst women, the problem is that no-one talks about it.

By its very nature, when we have it, we believe we’re the only ones feeling this way.

Our brains assure us that everybody else is smarter, more talented, more accomplished, more together, etc. Everybody else is the real-deal, and has earned their success and right to be where they are.

Everybody, that is, except us.

It’s a lonely ol’ place to live.

And of course, the sense of isolation just magnifies our fear of being found out!

The Antidote to Imposter Syndrome

I strongly believe we need to open up the conversation around Imposter Syndrome.

Talking about it means we can begin to understand that we’re not alone.

We need opportunities to share our experiences and vulnerabilities in the safety of like-minded people, who understand exactly how we’re feeling.

This step alone is vitally important to overcoming it.

Then we need to learn proven, evidence-based tools and strategies to manage and overcome it, so we each can achieve our own personal definition of success and fulfilment.

If you agree and feel the same, I have an exciting announcement and invitation for you, if you’re in the UK.. or willing to hop on a plane to get here! 🙂

Join me at Cambridge University 1st April (no joke!)

I’m thrilled and honoured to have been invited to be a guest speaker at a one day workshop on Imposter Syndrome at the prestigious Cambridge University (my Inner Imposter is having a field day.. more about that in a future Newsletter!)

The day, to be held in the beautiful setting of  Madingley Hall, an impressive manor house dating back to the mid-16th century, will be spent exploring the concept of the Imposter Syndrome.

My brilliant colleague, Roger Fielding, a Cambridge lecturer and fellow coach, will lead the day, and what promises to be a fun, informative and insightful event.

In addition to learning just how common Imposter Syndrome is, we’ll explore the psychology and neuroscience behind it. Roger will lead discussions, and provide practical tools, coaching exercises and strategies to help you manage and overcome your own Imposter. All in the company of like-minded people who feel similarly to you.

My guest slot will centre around a client case study where I will share the exact process and coaching tools I used to help my client manage and overcome their own Imposter Syndrome.

And the very fact I will be a guest expert at a Cambridge University event talking about my work, will, by definition, offer living, breathing tangible proof that if I can overcome it – you can too! 😉 

Registration is open and if you would like to attend, I highly recommend booking to confirm your place right now.

More details and workshop registration link  here.

Please do let me know if you can make it – I’d love to see you there!

Have a Question – Wondering if the Workshop is right for you?

If you have a question about whether the Imposter Syndrome workshop is right for you, please get in touch. I’ll do my best to answer your questions and give you my honest opinion.

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