My Son Got Bitten by a Dog, Luckily

Last week was a stressful week. My nine year old son ended up in hospital after what I initially thought was a tummy bug. Turns out he needed immediate surgery to remove his highly inflamed appendix.

He had returned from a half-term visit to Ireland with his dad and his brothers the previous day. Shortly after arriving home he was sick and then slept for most of the day. I thought he was suffering from over-tiredness from the long car and boat journey.

Next morning he complained of not feeling well and was in pain with what appeared to be stomach cramps. I decided to keep him off of school. Just a routine childhood bug.

Except, I had a slight concern. He had been bitten by a dog while in Ireland. He still had the teeth marks on his arm to prove it! Although my son’s innoculations are up to date, I couldn’t be sure the dog’s were!

I decided to call the doctor to reassure myself that his sickness and the dog bite were unconnected. The doctor asked me to bring him in.

Turns out his “tummy bug” was nothing to do with the dog bite. And everything to do with an inflamed, infected appendix. Requiring immediate removal.

Thanks to the swift action of my doctor and the hospital consultants, the offending body part was whipped out that same evening. He is now back home, fit and well, and revelling in extra time off school.

It was lucky that the Redsetter bit my son. I am very grateful to him. If that dog hadn’t taken a chomp out of Alfie’s arm, I wouldn’t have taken him to the doctor.

And his routine procedure may have turned into a much more serious medical emergency.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it strikes me that this kind of thing happens to us all at some time or another.

Something happens that we didn’t foresee and don’t welcome. It appears to be bad news. Maybe it’s not a dog bite. Perhaps we lose our job or a relationship ends. Or we have to sell our house and downsize.

And later we find out that it was actually a good thing. It needed to happen in order for what came next to be possible.

Everything happens for a reason. For our highest good.

What examples do you have in your own life? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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