Are You ready for THESE Results in your Life and Marriage?

I recently completed the final session of
Empowered Choices, Empowered Woman Programme with my fabulous client, Pauline (not her real name.)

As I do with every client, I requested Pauline’s feedback on our work together. I do this for two purposes:

1) It allows the client to reflect on, solidify and record all of the results and mindset shifts they’ve achieved during our three months together (which they often under-estimate!)

2) It allows me ensure my programme consistently delivers the results clients want and need, and enables me to make continuous improvements to the process.

Clients also very often give me permission to turn their feedback into a testimonial, which of course is an added bonus for me!

I received Pauline’s feedback at the end of a particularly challenging day. As I read her words, a huge smile slowly spread across my face.

Not just because it’s so heartwarming and affirming to receive such concrete evidence and validation that my work is making a life-changing difference to my clients lives.

My smile was so wide because I felt SO incredibly proud of Pauline for the amazing transformation she had achieved in just a few short months, and so happy for her.

She had used our coaching as the catalyst to reclaim the woman she always was! 

That’s the point. That’s what’s important.

I asked Pauline for permission to share her feedback in full, because she is such a fabulous example of what is possible when we’re willing to step up, take responsibility and do the work.

I’m pleased to say she happily agreed.

Here’s what she had to say:

Pauline’s Feedback

1) What hesitations, if any, did you have about signing up to work with me?

I took a long time to decide for two reasons:

1) I knew I didn’t want to end my marriage but knew I needed help with it and wasn’t 100% sure if you could help me and

2) I knew that finding the money was going to be a challenge

2) What results and mindset shifts have you achieved since we started working together?

I feel I have found the ‘old me’ – back to being confident, optimistic about the future, back in control of my own life and feeling empowered.

One big shift has been completely stepping back from interfering/interjecting in the relationship between my husband and daughter.

Another is asserting myself and saying ‘no.’ In the past I’ve conceded, then subsequently felt angry and disappointed with myself and resentful to whomever I has said yes to.

Another huge mind shift was recognising I was playing the victim, and in doing so, consenting to my husband treating me as such. I was caught in a vicious downward cycle perpetuating my feelings of powerlessness.

3) What did you like best about this process and working with me?

I loved how sensible, pragmatic and easily you seemed to answer all my insurmountable questions and how, without me realising it, you kept moving me forward.

I was also really surprised about how much I enjoyed our sessions (I was nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing beforehand.)

4) How else have you benefited from our work together?

The coaching model you taught me has given me a tool I can always turn to.

The confidence I have gained has made me more bold/courageous and prepared to step out of my comfort zone.

I also found the boundary setting process to be really valuable.

5) If you were to describe my coaching style in three words what would those words be?

Transformative, friendly, sensible, brilliant, approachable, logical, pragmatic – oops I can’t count!

6) Would you recommend me and my services? If so, to what kind of person?

Definitely.  To anyone who was either having marital problems or feeling they had lost themselves because of their marital/family situation.

7) Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently? If so, what?

I really can’t think of anything.

8) What’s the most important thing people should know about working with me?

You’re really easy to speak with, completely non-judgemental and totally supportive.

9) How do you feel about your future as a result of completing the Programme?

I’m generally feeling much happier, stronger and more confident in myself. The tools I’ve learned will continue to help me get stronger and evolve in the future.

I feel my future is much brighter than it was before I started working with you.

10) How do you feel about the future of your marriage as a result of completing the Programme?

As I’ve become more self confident this, in turn, has significantly improved my interactions with my husband in an extremely positive way.

I learned from working with you that I had gradually allowed myself to act as a victim of my husband’s behaviour, and in doing this, encouraged him to continue to treat me as such.

I feel I now have the necessary tools to not act as a victim. This, and several of the other tools e.g., boundary setting and saying ‘no’ have resulted in me feeling very positive about my relationship with my husband and the future of my marriage.

11) Anything else you’d like to add?

I have learned and accomplished so much, and in particular now know I’m not a victim of the circumstances of my marriage/my husband’s behaviour.

I’ve been a victim of my own thinking!

I’ve learned not to take on his emotions and that I do not need his approval to feel validated or his consent to have my own opinion or thoughts.

This knowledge has given me the confidence and power to choose to re-think my thoughts and create new ones.

I’ve always felt comfortable with who I am. But over the past few years, with the challenging circumstances we found ourselves in (details omitted to protect client’s privacy), I’d increasingly suppressed my own self-esteem in favour of trying to support him/make him feel better by somehow diminishing myself.

I’m really enjoying being ‘myself’ again and ironically, I know I’ve become a better wife and person because of it!

One thing which has just occurred to me while I’ve been reflecting on our work together.. And that’s from week to week I felt I was taking baby steps but in actual fact looking back, I made massive progress and changes very quickly, which was truly amazing and also very motivating!

How These Results are Possible

Pauline was the perfect candidate for my work – she was in every sense, an ‘ideal’ client.
Here’s why:

1) She was READY for change. Tolerating the status quo, being less than the amazing woman she knew she was capable of being, was no longer an option for her.

2) Pauline had the courage to seek out, and invest in, the support she needed. She found the coach, and coaching programme, that was an exact match for her needs.

3) She was willing to take responsibility for her results, commit to doing the work, be accountable and apply everything I asked of her.

As much as I’m willing to fully own the expertise, guidance and support I provided to Pauline, and that I provide to every one of my clients, I want to be clear:

The results Pauline achieved were possible because of her commitment to our work together.

They are possible for you too.

If you’re ready.


Are YOU Ready to Achieve these Kinds of Results?

I currently have space for just three new 1:1 clients.

If you feel ready to achieve similar results to Pauline in your life and marriage, let’s talk.
I’d love to offer you a free, confidential Mini Clarity Session where we can explore if my approach is the right fit for you.

We’ll discuss your challenges and the changes you’re wanting to make in your life and marriage now, and you’ll gain the first step to clarity on your personal situation.

If you’d like to book a slot, get in touch and let me know your availability to have a 30 minute Skype chat in the next 10 days. I’ll get back to you and we’ll get it scheduled.

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