You’re a smart, self-aware woman, who's achieved success in your life, personally and professionally. You love your family and friends, and have a lot to feel proud of at this point in your life.

And yet. You feel lost. In the midst of marriage, career, raising kids and years of putting everyone else first, 'you' have disappeared. You're not sure who you are anymore. Or what you even want now. You just know you're ready for 'more.' You feel stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled - and unsure how to change things.

One or more of the following probably feels familiar:

* You've reached a crossroads in your life, personally and/or professionally, and have no idea what direction to go in
* You have weak boundaries with people in your life and constantly find yourself saying 'yes' to keep the peace, and you feel increasingly resentful
* You love your husband, but you're disillusioned in your marriage, and often wonder: 'Is this it?'
* You'd love to move forward in your career, because you know you're capable of so much more, but you're plagued with confusion and self-doubt
* You just want to feel like 'you' again, that confident, vibrant woman you once were, but you've no idea how to get her back

Despite outward appearances, you worry that you lack the true confidence and self-belief to take charge of your own future and become the woman you know you're capable of being.

You constantly over-think things, and are your harshest critic - speaking to yourself in a way you'd never speak to anyone else. The underlying anxiety of this way of being is exhausting, as is the increasing emotional cost to your wellbeing and precious energy.

And with so many people competing for your time and energy, you just don't have the headspace to figure out the answers.

You’d love to feel the inner confidence that you know logically, should be yours. It would make you more effective in your role, and allow you to relax a bit and actually enjoy your success, and your downtime.

So, how do you switch off the incessant voice in your head, that has you constantly doubting and second-guessing yourself? The voice that says you're not quite enough.. not experienced enough, not accomplished enough, not confident enough, not really smart enough, not whatever enough.

Yes, I'm talking about the Mean Bitch who lives inside your head. She who tells you you're a fraud.. and a hot mess compared to your peers, leaders and friends. Not only that, she says, you're going to be found out, really soon!

The gnawing self-doubt places your opinion of yourself, and your self-confidence, in other's hands.

It has you constantly seeking external validation to measure your success and feelings of self-worth. But it's never quite enough, is it? You're always on the look out for your next 'hit' to tell you you're on track and doing a good job.

At this level though, you can no longer rely on your boss's reassurance and hand-holding. Nor do you want to.

The anxiety that accompanies the relentless over-thinking and self-judgement is exhausting. And the increasing emotional cost to your wellbeing and precious energy, is a problem.

What if there was another way?

A way to measure your own worth and enoughness, regardless of the opinions and approval of others?

There is.

That way is inwards.

And it's the only way that creates true self-confidence.

The kind that allows you to fully own your seat at the table, while giving equal priority to your own needs, and those of your family.

What If:

You could trust yourself to provide your own validation, so you're no longer reliant
on external feedback to know how you're doing?

You could trust that who you are at work, and the value and impact you provide, is more than enough?

You could have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you can leave work at work, and be fully present in your home life, with your partner and kids? 

The Self-Assured Woman helps you to cultivate those inner resources from a foundation of self-trust.

You can overcome the self-doubt that's holding you back and getting in your way.

You can cultivate true self-confidence.

The inner kind, the kind that allows you to see yourself the way the most loving and
supportive people in your life see you.

Does that sound like something you need?

Coaching with Julie has shown me I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to!

Your coaching helped me to really look up and look forward in my life and career, rather than constantly looking backwards for validation. I feel more confident and positive now; I have a deeper understanding of myself and a better sense of the direction I want to go in. I trust myself to figure it out step by step, because I've built an inner capability to generate my own confidence. My work/life balance has improved considerably, and I no longer feel guilty for not being online in the evenings. 

Jill, Senior HR Executive, United Kingdom

I know exactly how you feel, because I've had a similar journey, as you'll read below. It's brought me here, helping women like you to cultivate the self-trust and self-belief that finally allows them to elevate their impact, and unlock their true potential.

The Self-Assured Woman shows you how to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself first.
You’ll learn proven tools to get you unstuck, manage your mind and emotions,
and create more inner confidence, self-trust and self-belief.

It's an immersion into you, your life and your 'self.' It may at times, feel uncomfortable - I promise it will be worth it!

Here’s what you’ll gain:

CLARITY – That comes from reconnecting with your ‘wise self,' the part of you that truly knows and deeply understands what your best and most fulfilling life and career looks and feels like

CONFIDENCE – That unfolds from peeling back the layers holding you back, learning to value yourself and your unique attributes, and realigning your beliefs, goals and desires with the woman you are today and want to become

COURAGE – That results from cultivating the self-trust and self-belief that allows you to step out of your comfort zone, use your voice and advocate for yourself in your life, career and relationships

CONVICTION – That gives you permission to make confident, unapologetic choices that propel you towards your goals, and towards the happy, fulfilling life and career you desire and deserve

Every Aspect of my Life has Benefited

"I'm braver than I thought... and a lot more confident about the impact I can have in my role now. I worry less and I’m more willing to step out of my comfort zone and take on the unknown. I recover more quickly from situations that might throw me a curve ball and I'm taking better control of my emotions. I'm more aware of my own needs, what makes me happy and what is important, as well as the needs of my team. Overall, I am happier! Thank you - it has been a great help to me."

Kate, Senior H.R. Manager, United Kingdom

I have a proven process that works and gets results.

Here's what’s included in my four month 1:1 programme:

  • 6 x personalised 90-120 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, held every 2-3 weeks via Zoom, plus mp3 recordings, specifically designed around your desired goals and outcomes - this is no cookie-cutter coaching!
  • 6 x teaching modules with structured topics and homework exercises to complete between sessions, creating tangible outcomes towards your goals
  • Comprehensive follow up notes, detailing the exact next steps required to deepen the learning and keep you moving forward between sessions
  • Regular contact between sessions with unlimited email support so you feel fully supported by me for the entire four months together. Additional 30 minute laser-coaching sessions, if required. This additional support is invaluable


£2,397.00* ($3,150 USD approx) 

Payment plans available.

Your Next Step

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I work with only a small number of clients each quarter, so I can provide a high level of personalised support.


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Have questions about the programme and whether it's right for you? Please email me and ask me anything.

Coaching with Julie has been the best development I've ever had!

I needed clarity about my next career steps and overall goals. I now understand the conditions I need to flourish, as opposed to merely survive. I've learned the importance of my values and the role they play in my happiness and fulfilment - both personally and professionally. I feel valued and valuable to my organisation and myself.

Coaching provided the clarity of discovering what I want for myself - because I didn’t know! I liked that it wasn't all about work - it was much broader and deeper. It challenged who I am deep down and what that means. As a result, my confidence has grown. I feel much more in control of my life and career and more comfortable in my own skin - I'm happier!!

Louise, Senior HR Business Partner, United Kingdom

Meet Julie

In the midst of 20+ years of marriage, kids and corporate life, I’d lost myself. I was hiding, in my life, and my career. Hoping I wouldn't be 'found out' and exposed for the fraud I believed myself to be. Yet I knew I was here for more.

Learning how to reconnect with myself and reclaim the woman I knew, deep inside, I could be, and create my life and happiness on my terms, has been the most liberating, life-changing, work I’ve ever undertaken. Today I have a life and career that allows me to have the impact I'm here to have. I do work I love that makes a real difference to my clients' lives.

I certified with Coaches Training Institute in 2010 following a 22 year corporate career. I gained two further accreditations with The Life Coach School in cognitive coaching and continue to invest in my ongoing personal and professional development.

My credentials and coaching conversations with women all over the world, combined with my lived experiences and compassion for like-minded women who feel as I once did, means I am uniquely placed to guide you to elevate your impact and reconnect with your true self. The woman you were born to be.

Please invest with care as no refunds are given.