Creating real, lasting change in our lives, careers

and marriages starts with us.

It's not a quick fix. But that's not what you're looking for.

This kind of change isn't about your husband, your job, your boss, or anyone else.
The kind of change you're ready for is about doing your own 'self' work.
It's not about blaming circumstances or other people because you're not where we want to be.
It is about taking full responsibility for your life and happiness. 

It's about reclaiming your power and becoming the woman you know you can be.

This kind of change means knowing ourselves more fully. Knowing who we are. And what we really want.
Understanding what drives us. And what holds us back.
It means cultivating a healthy relationship, with ourselves first. It means reconnecting to the wise part of us, the part that already has the answers.

This philosophy is at the heart of my coaching work. If you're a woman ready to reconnect with yourself in relation to your marriage, or your career, here's how we can work together:


RECONNECT: Reclaim your Wise Woman Within

Three month 1:1 coaching programme.

Practical, cognitive coaching tools to help you manage your mind and emotions, get unstuck and create more self-trust and self-belief.


POTENTIAL UNLOCKED: Reconnect with your Wise Self

Three month 1:1 coaching programme.

Coming soon...